Pokemon: different generations of starters have different themes


Different generations of Pokemon have released a new set of three starting Pokemon, and different sets of starters has a specific themes.

Every different generation has featured a different set of three starting Pokemon to choose from. These Pokemon have always been grass-type, fire-type, and water-type. While almost every Pokemon player probably already knew this, they may not have know that different sets of starters seem to follow separate themes. The first three generations can certainly be questioned in this regard, but ever since generation four it seems that the three starters have followed a set theme.

Generation seven is the most recent game and features the theme of hero, villain, and damsel. This is a classical theme in literature. Decidueye, the grass-ghost archer, is the hero here. Incineroar, the fire-dark type, is the villain, and does a good job looking the part. Primarina, the water-fairy type singer, is the damsel. This theme is quite different from the other themes.

Going back a generation to X and Y, a different theme can be identified. The theme of these starters was knight, mage, rogue. These are all classic RPG classes. Chestnaught is a knight with its grass-fighting typing and large spike shield. Delphox actually has a wand and uses it to perform special moves making it the mage candidate. Finally, Greninja has the word “ninja” in its name and has a special move where it throws water shurikens, akin to a rogue or assassin.

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Generation five starters appear to be based off of different types of royalty. Each final evolution in this generation has a reference to royalty in its name. Emboar, the fire-fighting starter, resembles the word emperor, and is dressed in oriental garb. Serperior name clearly indicates the word “superior” and resembles a majestic serpent. Samurott almost has the word samurai in its name, and is based off of the Japanese samurai.

Finally, we have generation four, which appears to be the first generation in which starters had a definite theme. The theme of these Pokemon seems to be mythology. Torterra, the colossal grass-ground typed tortoise, is based off of the “world-tortoise” myth. Empoleon is based off of the Greek God Poseidon, which can be confirmed by the use of the iconic trident. Lastly, Infernape, the fire-fighting type ape, is based off of the Chinese legend the Monkey King.

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The starters for generation eight, Pokemon Sword and Shield, have been revealed, but their evolutions have not. So far, it looks like there will be a grass-type monkey, a fire-type rabbit, and a water-type lizard. It is a little too early to say what the theme will be, but it seems likely that the trend will continue. What do you think the theme for the starters will be in Sword and Shield?