It’s not too late for Anthem: 10 other games that massively improved after launch

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#2. Rainbow Six Seige

Rainbow Six Siege is arguably the best example of a game turning it around from a poor start. While the actual review scores were decent, there were complaints about bad hitboxes, slow gunplay, weak customization and bad game modes.

Pretty much the only thing anyone could agree on was that Rainbow Six Siege offered a fairly unique experience compared to almost any other online multiplayer shooter out there, but it was questionable if it was worth dealing with the myriad issues involved.

In addition, the game suffered from initially poor sales, which honestly is usually the death knell for any online game. How do you justify fixing a game that isn’t selling to support a player base that isn’t there? The bad reputation is already out there, the game is doomed, right?

Against all odds, Ubisoft put in the work. As a result, Rainbow Six Siege has quietly become one of the definitive online shooter experiences of this generation. It’s arguably because they did things you wouldn’t expect out of what at first glance is a fairly straight-forward technical shooter that involved a lot of strategy.

There are the operators, which are the various soldiers you can pick from. There are a ton (nearly 50 with more coming) and they all have stories and personalities and advantages and disadvantages that truly matter.

Ubisoft also made a big bet on Rainbow Six Siege as an Esports-focused title and its paid off incredibly well. Really, the only frustrating thing about the game at this point is that there are several editions for sale and you need a goddamn chart to figure out which one might be right for you.

Make no mistake though, four years after launch, Rainbow Six Siege is an incredible online experience and should continue to be for many more years the way Ubisoft is supporting it.