It’s not too late for Anthem: 10 other games that massively improved after launch

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#3. The Division

The Division seemed to be one of the least appealing titles of 2016. The world was drab and lifeless, the shooting seemed kind of dull, the enemies were extreme bullet-sponges that took forever to kill and there was just long stretches of nothing happening due to lack of what would be considered basic elements of an online MMO. Events and encounters were surprisingly scarce.

Sure, it’s a plague-ridden warzone, but it should be a plague-ridden warzone filled with enemies to kill. There wasn’t much in the way of post-game content either, just the same missions again only harder.

On top of this, the progression system in The Division was just a confusing and overcomplicated mess where you had to visit different areas for different upgrades with different systems and it was extremely difficult to figure out what you could and could not handle in terms of enemies.

If Ubisoft should be known for one thing in the last decade though, it’s their commitment to making an idea they believe in work and hammering away at it until it does. They did it with The Division, for sure, with tons of content and updates to things like enemy health, weapon improvement, overall gameplay tweaks, etc.

It got to the point where The Division 2, which is coming out in just two weeks on March 15, is one of the most anticipated games of the year and fully expected to steal both attention and players away from other 2019 newcomers such as Apex Legends and Anthem. That’s a pretty positive turn around from a game that had a mostly “meh” reception at launch.