It’s not too late for Anthem: 10 other games that massively improved after launch

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#8. Diablo III

Console fans of Diablo III never knew the pain PC gamers had gone through with the latest in the venerable Blizzard series. By the time the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions had launched in 2014, most if not all the serious issues that had plagued the PC version launched in 2012 had been ironed out.

Underneath it all, Diablo III had a solid core loop that mostly remains unchanged to this day. We slaughter waves after waves of enemies in various areas and occasionally fight a boss; but, the real thing was THE LOOT.

In Diablo, loot is the driving force. Sure, there’s a story and can have fun hacking and slashing through challenges by yourself or with friends, but the end goal was always getting bigger and better equipment.

The PC launch version of Diablo III had massive connection issues, but the biggest single problem was also its most highly-touted new feature, the Auction House. Pretty much how it sounds, the Auction House was a place where players could sell loot to others.

Ideally, this would make the game free from black market loot farmers trying to sell rare loot for money. Honestly, it pretty much accomplished the opposite of that, as rare items still flooded the Auction House at dirt cheap prices, making it kind of pointless to even play the game with such a broken economy.

Blizzard could have tried to adjust various things in game balance to make the Auction House work, but to their credit, they decided it was better to just drop it altogether and today Diablo III is one of the best bangs for your buck on any platform (especially Nintendo Switch).