MLB The Show 19: Predicting the top players at each position

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Center Field: Mike Trout

Team – Los Angeles Angels

This decision was made quicker than an Olympic sprinter in a race. Trout is in baseball what LeBron James is in basketball, and has been for the last five years or so.

The already two-time AL MVP  came close to adding yet another to his growing trophy collection last season, finishing runner-up to Mookie Betts. He led all center fielders by a country mile in home runs with 39 and also led them in RBI.

More than just a power hitter, Trout led the position in batting average as well and threw in 24 stolen bases to let everyone know he’s still a speed threat. Most impressive is his WAR, where he was second in the entire league, only behind Betts mentioned above.

Among center fielders, Trout’s 10.2 WAR destroys everyone in the category, with Lorenzo Cain being second with a 6.9. No doubt that Trout will receive another 99 overall rating in MLB The Show 19.

Honorable Mentions:

Lorenzo Cain – Let’s not sleep on Cain, who led the Royals to a World Series title and helped the Brewers make the playoffs for the first time since 2011. A classic player who relies on pure contact and speed, Cain has quietly been one of the game’s best. He’ll dish some power on you as well, with 10 home runs in the previous campaign.

Charlie Blackmon – Blackmon’s 29 home runs were good for second behind Trout among center fielders. He also led the position in hits and got a sneaky 12 stolen basis to go along with the loud batting numbers. Expect Blackmon to regularly receive high ratings in MLB The Show