MLB The Show 19: Predicting the top players at each position

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Catcher: J.T. Realmuto

Team – Philidelphia Phillies 

One of my favorite positions in baseball also left us with a tough choice between J.T. Realmuto and Salvador Perez. In the end, Realmuto came out on top, thanks to him leading all catchers in four different categories including hits and runs scored.

He also ranks in the top five in almost all stats among catchers and by far has the highest WAR (Wins Above Replacement) at the position at 4.3. This was also good enough to crack the top 30 in all of baseball, which is impressive since catchers tend to have lower WAR numbers.

Realmuto’s weakness is with the glove, ranking lowly in most of the defensive stats for a catcher. However, is eyebrow-raising batting skills will overshadow his fielding abilities in MLB The Show 19, and it’s his hitting alone that will make the new Phillies star the top dog behind the plate.

Honorable Mentions:

Salvador Perez – The aforementioned Perez is the biggest power threat of all the catchers, and this will likely be the case in MLB The Show 19. He’s also one of the better defensive catchers as well, so expect to see a solid fielding rating for Perez.

Yadier Molina – Even at age 136 (OK, just 36), Molina continues to be one of the sport’s smoothest catchers. Known primarily for his contact hitting and terrific defensive skills, Molina flashed a bit of power last season, cranking 20 home runs which were the second most in his career.