Apex Legends: Beginner tips to become a Champion

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1. For the love of all things, please communicate with your team

This isn’t like other battle royale games. There is no solo option unless your two other squad members disconnect or die and are unable to be revived, but that isn’t by choice. So don’t be that guy who gets too ambitious or gung-ho without notifying them. Sure, you might land a montage moment once in a while, but not everyone is Shroud or Dizzy.

Straying away from your teammates is a recipe for disaster. You see a straggler and follow them to score an easy kill. Jokes on you, that straggler baited you into crossfire or their teammates are perched at a relatively safe location to gun you down.

Now your teammates are outnumbered; unless they can work on that deficit and somehow bring you back on time without facing another casualty, your odds of winning have decreased. If you want to engage, communicate with your team.

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You may want to ping weapons, armor, and other sorts of loot just to look out for your squad. You can never go wrong with having more ammo, curatives, weapon attachments or better armor. This game is more about the pro strats than it is about the sick plays. Remember that before running off too far away with your teammates being unable to have your back, especially without notifying them.