Apex Legends: Beginner tips to become a Champion

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2. Make sure you know the ins and outs of your gear and legend

This one is both sad and humorous. I’ve engaged in firefights where my enemies had a semi-auto or burst fire on a weapon they thought was an automatic. I saw them aiming at me but they weren’t shooting me. I assumed they missed their shots, but after seeing their loot, I thought to myself “they probably thought it was automatic.” I was right.

Sometimes this happens to me too. I  think my assault rifle fires one way but does the other, and that has cost me quite a few games. Regrettable, but now I know. If there’s any gripe I have with the game outside of the loot boxes and pricing, it’s the fact that some weapons look too similar to each other, oftentimes causing confusion.

If you have the ammo to spare, fire a quick few shots if you have trouble remembering how a weapon fires. After a while, you’ll get the gist of it and know whether to engage from a distance or up close. Also, some weapons have a toggle mechanic that switches your weapon from automatic to semi-auto or burst fire to semi-auto. It’ll give more variation to your play style.

People often forget their characters have certain abilities to help them turn the tide in battle. And I’ve witnessed that as far as who I’ve encountered on multiple occasions.

Sometimes you’ll run into camping teams with Bloodhounds who haven’t realized that a team is approaching them, or maybe a team with a Lifeline where everyone isn’t at full health, or a team with a Gibraltar who isn’t throwing his shield dome in a fight and think “did they forget they had abilities? Or were they on cooldown?”