8 colossal Pokemon that would make awesome pets if smaller


As children, many Pokemon trainers dreamed of what it would be like to have Pokemon in the real world as their very own pets and companions but many limited those to Pokemon that could easily fit through the door not colossal Pokemon.

But with technology being as advanced as it is why couldn’t colossal Pokemon like these be shrunk down and brought indoors? Here are 8 colossal Pokemon that would make awesome pets if they were smaller.

8. Wailord

Getting the most colossal Pokemon out of the way right off the bat, Wailord is unsurprisingly reported to be close to the same length as the Southern Right Whale. Bulbapedia lists that it is
just over 47 feet long.

How do they dive?

However, they weigh considerably less, over 50,000 pounds less to be exact. Despite their size, they only weigh just over 870 pounds. Which begs two questions; is the inside of a Wailord largely hallow and if so, how do they dive?

Those questions aside Wailord’s would make cool pets if they were the size of goldfish. What child hasn’t wished for a whale they could keep in an aquarium? And if they could fit in fish tanks and be trained in them all the better. Just last month Wailord was featured in a special series on PokemonTV.

7. Groudon

According to Serebii Groudon normally stands around 11 feet tall with Primal Groudon being even larger. However, a Groudon the size of a puppy dog would be a delight so long as it did not cause any volcanic eruptions in the house or dry up the well. It’s also got a few spikes to avoid.

Okay, so maybe it is not the best Pokemon for petting. Both Groundon and Kyogre returned to raids in January of this year when Team Magma and Team Aqua gear was released.

6. Melmetal

While its pre-evolution Meltan is relatively small at 8 feet tall Melmetal just barely doesn’t fit through most home doors and it would be constantly bumping into light fixtures and ceiling fans even if it did slouch its way in.

Meltan is the first of the mythic Pokemon to have an evolution discovered by Professor Oak and Professor Willow. Even though they accidentally melted all of Professor Willow’s research equipment. Since Meltan evolve by merging together into Melmetal perhaps less of them could merge for an even smaller Melmetal?

5. Regigigas

According to Pokemon DB Regigigas is double the height of a six-foot human standing at just over 12 feet tall. The golem-like Pokemon would make an absolutely precious friend if it was about knee high. It has feet that look like shrubs and three claw-like fingers on each hand.

This legendary Pokemon received a commemorative pin design, along with Heatran, early last spring that was available at Pokemon Centers and online. However, they are no longer available for purchase.

4. Lugia

This flying and psychic colossal Pokemon appeared as the mascot for the Pokemon Gale of Darkness game and had wings that looked a lot like cartoonish hands. It looks like a chubby white flying reptile with a long neck. According to Serebii.net the Pokemon is 17 feet tall.

But Lugia would be pretty adorable if it was the size of a parrot with its round little belly. In November of 2018 they distributed codes for Lugia at GameStop for Pokemon Ultra Sun. Those codes have to be redeemed by the last of this month.

3. Yveltal 

It might seem a little weird putting a dark Pokemon on this list. However, Yveltal is a pretty awesome colossal Pokemon. Smogon states that it is19 foot-tall bird despite its desire to destroy everything. If only it were the size of a parakeet and could be easily given size appropriate treats, then maybe it wouldn’t have the same desire to destroy everything.

As the icon of Pokemon Y, Yveltal could also be obtained by distribution code for Pokemon Ultra Sun in May of last year. Xerneas from Pokemon X was available for Pokemon Ultra Moon.

2. Celesteela 

Celesteela is a Generation VII Steel and Flying, Ultra Beast, colossal Pokemon that appearance makes it downright fascinating. According to the Pokedex at Pokemon.Com it stands at just over 30 feet tall and has a long next similar to the Alolan Exeggutor’s and can also be found on the Alolan Islands.

it goes blasting around the house like a spaceship

Despite its steel type Celesteela does in many ways resemble bamboo. And similarly would be great if it were about the size of the average house plant.

However, one could only hope that things don’t catch fire when it goes blasting around the house like a spaceship. Celesteela was actually spotted during the Pokemon VG Junior Division of the Pokemon Championships last year.


And the last colossal Pokemon that would make an awesome pet if small …

1. Alolan Exeggutor

Alolan Exeggutor are kind of like plant like giraffes if giraffes were around 10 to 20 feet taller. On Pokemon-SunMoon.Com it says that Alolan Exeggutor are a whopping 35 feet tall making it the most colossal Pokemon on land! It is all the extra sunlight in the Alolan region that gives Alolan Exeggutor their long necks.

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Alolan Exeggutor, as well as other Alolan pokemon, can be brought over from Pokemon GO into Pokemon Let’s GO for added fun. Alolan Pokemon were added to Pokemon GO last summer.
These also included Cubone, Meowth, Muk, Vulpix, Rattata, Geodude and more!

With each coconut head having its own mind owning an Exeggutor is like owning three pets at once. If these were the height of standard house plants they’d make for super entertaining pets for sure.