Cereal boxes with Pokemon cards in them – Yes please!


For a limited time, five select General Mill Cereal boxes have Pokemon cards. With three in each box, one is always a foil!

Remember the gold old days when prizes could be found in a cereal box and didn’t require mailed in proof of several purchases as well as cash for postage? Those days are back! For a limited time, five select General Mill Cereals have Pokemon cards in the box.

These include Cocoa Puffs, Reeses Puffs, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Cruch, and Trix. Each box of cereal contains three cards. And there are twelve cards that can be collected in the large size boxes! And family sized ones have an exclusive card. And each pack has a foil promo.

The outside of the box shows off the foils of  Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, and Cubone. The rest will be listed at the bottom of this post with a spoiler warning first for those who might want a surprise when opening their box. That said, for a surprise don’t check out the back of the box either.

They are pictured there as well. The back also has a number of Pokemon themed games including a word search and a Pokemon fan favorite “Whose that Pokemon?”. There are currently eighteen types of Pokemon do not all the types are represented in these promotional cards.

Each pack also comes with a list of all the cards available in the boxes. So again, surprise seekers don’t open the small booklet inside the pack. The cards are also taken from different sets, just a heads up. It is somewhat disappointing that they are not exclusive to the cereal.

Did people need more of a reason to be “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs”?

Probably not. Did kids need more of a reason to eat Trix? Maybe? But are people excited for seemingly free Pokemon cards all the same? Of course, they are! Some people are even wondering if they can buy these boxes by the pallet. Sadly, Cookie Crisp fans are left out on this one.

It seems like real Reese’s peanut butter, traditional fruit shapes and unicorn marshmallows aren’t really what sells cereal after all. Clearly, it’s cartoon childhood favorite characters that do the trick! They are the real cereal salesmen.

They are the real cereal salesmen.

And come on, there are plenty of adults eating cereal for meals other than breakfast who will buy this because they work hard and can spend there money on whatever they please. Sometimes guilty pleasures have to win, more so when the cost is as cheap as a box of cereal.

That said with there being only twelve cards when there are eighteen types of Pokemon some types are not represented at all. In fact only seven types are represented. And the chance of getting repeat cards is high.

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Okay, and now what many were waiting for … here is the Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert – the other cards available include Horsea, Bellsprout, Electabuzz, Gastly, Lickitung, Magnamite, Magmar, and Kangaskhan. And the exclusive foil in the family boxes is Bulbasaur.