Pokeball Terrariums and how to craft an awesome one


Pokeball Terrariums are fun little models that imagine what life is like inside of a Pokeball for a given Pokemon! Here’s how to craft them.

Pokeball Terrariums are fun little models that imagine what life is like inside of a Pokeball for a given Pokemon! To craft them, start off with a clear fillable ornament ball. These can usually be found sold in packs of ten for around a dollar a piece depending on the size.

Also, decide which Pokemon figure will be needed. If looking to make several of these crafts PVC Pokemon figures can be found relatively cheap in bulk for less than 20 cents a piece. However, finding certain Pokemon, especially those that are outside of the first generation can be difficult.

Some Pokemon may be best to purchase individually. However, the price of individual figures is generally much higher. Next paint is needed! Generally, spraypaint works best for the base of the Pokeball.

The traditional Pokeball has a white base. Here is a list of those that don’t.

The Diveball, Luxury Ball, Heal Ball, Quick Ball, Dusk Ball, Cherish Ball, Dream Ball, Beast Ball, Giant Stone Ball, Gold Ball, PIA Chansey Ball, Crystal Ball, Clone Ball, Team Magma’s Ball, Team Plasma’s Ball, Typing Ball, Dark ball, Sammy’s Old Ball, and the Pester Ball do not have white bases.

Don’t know which to choose for the terrarium, many of the Pokeballs can be seen on Bulbapedia.

the Diamond Pokeball looks like it has been bedazzled

The Fast Ball, the Park Ball, the Lake Ball, as well as Lokoko’s Old Ball are still mostly white but have some colored detailing. Meanwhile, the Diamond Pokeball looks like it has been bedazzled. So while the traditional white base is still an option don’t feel limited to it.

Other more detailed options are available!

Just think about what kind of Pokemon is going into the ball and there just might be a more exciting option. Once the Pokeball type is selected, spraypaint half of the fillable ornament the base color in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors on a nice day.

While that half dries, use the other half to trace a circle on cardboard. This will be used for the ground inside of the terrarium. Then trim it down so that it fits into the bottom half. Use a hot glue gun to hold it down once the painted half has dried.

make the environment come to life

Next, think about the biome that the Pokemon lives in. Hobby stores often offer a lot in the way of terrain so now is a good time to explore and get creative. Things like flock and static grass, turf, concrete rubble, artificial snow, and realistic water really make the environment come to life.

Once the landscape is crafted on to the cardboard that was inserted into the base earlier, the Pokemon gets glued down. After that, take and place the other half of the ball on top and make sure that it is secure.

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Then cover the middle crease with a tape that matches the color of the band. Generally, this is black and electrical tape works well. But if the chosen ball is, say a premier ball which has a red middle, then looking for duct tape of that color tends to work best.

Last but not least, take colored foam and cut out to circles of the needed colors to craft the button for the Pokeball and stick those on. To display the Pokeball set it in a lid to help keep it from rolling and enjoy the finished terrarium!