Marshmello’s concert in Fortnite was absolutely bonkers

Epic Games / Screenshot
Epic Games / Screenshot /

Couldn’t make it to Marshmello’s virtual concert in Fortnite? You missed a heck of a show! Here’s a recap of everything that happened.

Well, today I went to my first EDM concert. It came by way of Fortnite as the popular battle royale game threw a virtual in-game concert featuring world-renowned DJ, Marshmello.

Heading into today’s concert, which kicked off at 2:00 p.m. ET, I didn’t really know what to expect. The stage was set, but I figured Marshmello and Epic Games were only teaming up to debut a new song or something.

I figured it would be something small. But as I should’ve known, Epic does nothing small. What we were treated to was a 15-minute concert, complete with laser lights, pre-recorded video footage and synchronized emotes and dancing.

For those who missed it, there are tons of videos and screenshots of the event, which was absolutely insane. Or as the kids say these days, “It was lit.”

When the clock struck two, Marshmello rose to the stage and began the show. For the 15-minute concert, Epic disabled all of our weapons and building capabilities so that we could enjoy the show without being griefed. Honestly, this is something I hope they implement more during big in-game events.

I’ve never been to a Marshmello concert, or any EDM show for that matter, but I can only assume this was a kid-friendly version of what takes place. The 15-minute pre-recorded concert featured Marshmello’s biggest tracks set to a an impressive laser light show that also included CGI mascots, props and pre-recorded footage that displayed on the giant video boards. But what made the concert even cooler was the fact that Epic had programmed certain things to happen during specific moments.

For example, there was one particular moment where you could hear Marshmello say, “I want everybody to fly with me.” When the song lyric repeated “I can fly,” it popped all of the players into the air and we began flying.

At another moment during the song, “Alone,” Marshmello called for everyone to jump. At the drop, all players were again launched into the air and began bouncing up and down.

The concert closed with the Marshmello’s 2018 song “Happier,” featuring Bastille. Giant smiley-face balls fell from the sky, Marshmello thanked the crowd and we were teleported back into the normal game world.

Fortnite is no stranger to hosting in-game events tied to pop culture, but this was by far the coolest thing they have done yet.

The concert may be over, but we’re still left with the second part of the Showtime Challenge. As previously mentioned, the Showtime Challenge is a special set of three in-game challenges related to this particular Marshmello event.

The first challenge kicked off earlier this week and required players to “Search a Showtime Poster.” Today, the additional two challenges unlocked, requiring players to “Visit the Showtime venue” and “Use Keep It Mello at a trucker’s oasis, ice cream parlor and a frozen lake.”

Each of these challenges rewards you with a special prize. However, you must first visit the Showtime venue (in Pleasant Park) in order to unlock the Keep It Mello emote. That can then be used on the third challenge to unlock the Marshmello-themed pickaxe. Searching the Showtime Poster will reward you with a Marshmello spray.

In addition to the special Showtime Challenge rewards, players can purchase the Marshmello outfit (1500 V-Bucks), Mello Rider Glider (500 V-Bucks) and Marsh Walk Emote (500 V-Bucks) from the in-game item shop. Glowsticks are also available as an Emote for 800 V-Bucks.

Based on the in-game countdown, it looks like the Marshmello Showtime Challenges will be available until the end of Saturday.

Did you attend the Marshmello concert? Let us know your thoughts on the in-game event in the comments below!