5 games that deserve a Resident Evil 2-style remake

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Day of Defeat Source gameplay
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Day of Defeat: Source (2005)

The World War II shooter has come back in recent years, with both Call of Duty and Battlefield returning to the era. While series like Medal of Honor could also return to the era, there hasn’t been a really good PC shooter set there in some time.

Coincidentally, Valve debuted a successor to its Source engine, dubbed Source 2, in 2016. Valve has only made two games with the engine: a complete port of its wildly successful MOBA Dota 2 and notably less successful trading card game Artifact.

A Day of Defeat remake is not the game Valve fans have clamored for all these years. It may not even be the second, third or fourth game a Valve fan would want the company to make. But there is no potential Half-Life, Team Fortress or Portal sequels on the horizon. Left 4 Dead 3 is merely rumor and Newell has stated there are no plans to port Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Source 2. Perhaps it is high time for Valve to return to the Greatest Generation.

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The now 13-year-old game plays rather similarly to Counter-Strike, but with far fewer options. There are only six classes, two modes and a smattering of maps. A remake would be the perfect opportunity for Valve to expand its content even further and showcase what the Source 2 engine can do when applied to a frantic genre such as first-person shooters.