5 games that deserve a Resident Evil 2-style remake

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Pokemon Snap box art
Pokemon Snap box art /


Pokémon Snap (1999)

That a Pokémon Snap remake hasn’t happened yet is mind-boggling. Even as far back as the first release of the 3DS, media have speculated about the return of the 1999 N64 title. And why wouldn’t they? Nintendo has developed consoles and handhelds seemingly tailor-made for a Snap remake for the last 15 years, but the game has only ever been available on the Virtual Console. Nintendo has otherwise completely ignored the potential of another Snap title.

Now is almost the perfect time to revisit the photography-based game. Nintendo has multiple options regarding platforms and functionalities for a Snap remake. Nintendo could go for a Switch game, with its portability, motion controls and joysticks offering multiple ways to mimic a camera.

However, the most likely (and arguably the best) way to revive Snap is to make it Nintendo’s next mobile game. Pokémon Go and Super Mario Run displayed people are willing to play Nintendo games on smartphones. The former also showed the potential use of augmented reality capabilities in mobile games. Combine that with the fact that every smartphone on the planet already has a camera and there is a user base just waiting for a Pokémon Snap game to come to mobile.

Besides, people already put pictures of their Go escapades on Instagram and Snapchat. Seeking the perfect Pokémon picture seems like catnip for this generation of gamers.