5 games that deserve a Resident Evil 2-style remake

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God of War (2005)

2018’s stellar God of War turned the 13-year-old franchise on its head. Not only did it make Kratos a relatable and sympathetic character, but it changed the combat for the better, switching from the isometric, static camera of the other games in the series to a closer, third-person perspective. It was a decision befitting the game’s change in tone from a Greek epic featuring an angry Spartan taking down massive gods to a smaller tale focusing on a father and son duo with some god-slaying on the side.

This isn’t to say the reboot didn’t have its fair share of epic moments (the boss fight with The Stranger immediately comes to mind), but “epic moments” were the original series’ stock in trade. The 2005 original is full of them, from the opening Hydra boss fight to the climb up Kronos’ back and the final battle with Ares.

Those moments got bigger and more ridiculous, and the games’ trademark violence ramped up as the series went on, but the changes Sony Santa Monica to the reboot beg the question of what the older games might look like in the new style. A camera that doesn’t leave Kratos as he climbs Kronos or fights the Hydra would be an absolute joy to watch and drive home the scale of the original games for those who didn’t catch them in their heyday.

God of War might even call for a rewrite. Being angry all the time was Kratos’ defining trait in the original series. That is no longer the case. After the development he received in the reboot, it would be kind of awkward for Sony Santa Monica to showcase his perpetually angry old self. Not only would it be confusing, but it would also verge on being a disservice to the character.

However, given the amount of care and detail that went into the reboot, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Sony Santa Monica knock a God of War remake out of the park.