5 games that deserve a Resident Evil 2-style remake

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Resident Evil 2 Claire
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With the success of Resident Evil 2’s total overhaul, here are five games that deserve a second chance to thrive once again in a new light.

The recent release of Resident Evil 2 is not your typical remake. Instead of updating the graphics or tweaking the gameplay for the modern era à la Shadow of the Colossus, RE2 opted to completely overhaul the game’s mechanics, bringing the 21-year-old game into the modern era.

Such a treatment is something many more games can benefit from, whether they are beloved and influential classics like Resident Evil 2 or games that flew under the radar with their first release. Not would it give those games a modern sensibility, it would also increase the likelihood of players seeking out the original releases, preserving parts of gaming history that might have been lost otherwise (although game archiving and preservation is a topic for another day).

The selections here focus on games where their series or their genre have evolved and passed them by. Appearing on this list or being similar to these games doesn’t mean they are bad or without value; the originals will always have a certain archival value as pieces of video game history. These updates will serve as reimaginings that revitalize fandom for each game.