Resident Evil 2’s Mr. X Tyrant is officially pissing off the internet

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One of the biggest annoyances in 2019 video games is the Mr. X tyrant from Resident Evil 2, as his unkillable hunt is an annoyance to the internet at large.

Some of my favorite video games have driven me to frustration when things become difficult. I’m glad to report that I have impulse control and have never smashed a controller in reaction to something that happened in a video game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a controller out there in the world didn’t receive such a fate during Resident Evil 2 gameplay this weekend.

The game is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One (it’s fantastic, by the way), and people are rushing to play through both Leon and Claire’s first and second runs, respectively. One of the reasons players are flocking back to the greatest game in the franchise is because they want to see what’s new.

In the classic Resident Evil 2 experience, a tyrant better known as Mr. X would appear in the B campaigns to chase the player. Thankfully, you can knock them down and receive some ammo back then, or even escape them after a few screens until he appears later on. However, the 2019 experience sees him hunt you down the Raccoon City Police Department for a meaty chunk of the game.

He cannot be killed, other enemies get in your way, and he can only be stopped for ~30 seconds, creating a truly intense and unnerving experience as you hear his loud stomping feet chase you down. It’s also made him one of the biggest enemies of the Resident Evil 2 internet fan base, as his inclusion in the game has become a lightning rod of visceral aggravation.

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However, because Mr. X is such an imposing figure in Resident Evil 2, he’s become meme material, with people throwing as many variants of the same “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” jokes as possible.

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Some people were actually creative in venting their frustrations, getting in some quality jokes that not everyone would immediately think of on their own.

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Mr. X was trending on Twitter this weekend for a good reason; his impact on the Resident Evil 2 experience is momentous and has people talking. Some have pushed through, some are held back, but I’m personally glad that he’s as much an imposing personality for all runs and characters compared to the original game.