Resident Evil 2 Remake guide: How to unlock the ‘True’ ending, 4th Survivor and Tofu modes

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Like the original, Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake features multiple endings, including a “true” ending, as well as 4th Survivor mode. Here’s how to unlock all of them.

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake released this week to glowing reviews, including an impressive 9.5/10 from App Trigger’s own Trevor Betts. The remake is both similar and very different than the original 1998 game, right on down to how it handles the endings.

The original Resident Evil 2 is known for its incredibly brilliant “Zapping” system, which unlocked variations in the story and gameplay when playing as the different characters, Claire and Leon. The Resident Evil 2 remake doesn’t feature this same exact system, but it does include a 2nd Run mode which must be utilized to unlock the game’s “true” ending.

Yes, Resident Evil 2 has multiple endings that require multiple playthroughs of the game to see them (or you can just go to YouTube, but what’s the fun in that?). Thankfully, accessing these different endings aren’t as complex as the original game, but it can still be kind of tricky to figure out.

Basically, between Leon and Claire, there are four endings to the game and unlocking them is tied to the other’s campaign. First, you must complete the game with either Leon or Claire.

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Doing so will unlock the Second Run mode “B” scenario for the opposite character. So if you complete the game with Leon, you’ll unlock Claire’s Second Run “B” scenario which will automatically trigger the “true” ending on your first playthrough. Conversely, if you complete the game with Claire first, you’ll unlock Leon’s “B” scenario which will automatically trigger the “true” ending.

Remember, when starting a new game, be sure to access the Second Run mode (do not just select continue or new game). You must select the “B” scenario for the character as the second playthrough option to see the “true” ending; otherwise, you’ll just see that character’s original “A” scenario ending.

In either instance of the “B” scenario, you’ll be treated to an additional bonus boss fight at the end along with an extended cinematic cutscene at the end. You’ll also hear a brand new song written exclusively for the remake during the credits roll.

It’s worth noting that Resident Evil 2‘s true ending isn’t anything mind-blowing; it’s just a touching scene at the end that adds a little more personality to the protagonists.

However, there’s another important reason for completing the “2nd Run.” In addition to enabling the true ending, completing the second run will unlock the 4th Survivor minigame.

Also featured in the original game, the 4th Survivor minigame makes a return in the remake. This short added experience puts you in the boots of HUNK, an Umbrella operative who awakes as the only survivor of his unit in Raccoon City just as it is about to be destroyed. In possession of the G-Virus sample, you must guide HUNK through the sewers and streets of Raccoon City, fending off swarms of zombies, to escape.

According to VG247, completing HUNK’s mode will actually unlock the Tofu Survivor mission, a bonus parody of 4th Survivor where you play as a giant piece of tofu.

The Resident Evil 2 remake is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.