15 best video games coming in 2019: Kingdom Hearts 3 and more

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Gears 5
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14. Gears 5

Developer: The Coalition
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Platform(s): Xbox One, PC
Release Date: TBD 2019

The Gears of War franchise is set to return in 2019 with its new clean, abbreviated title: Gears 5. The story this time focuses on the Outsider-turned-Gear Kait Diaz. Protagonists JD Fenix, Delmond Walker, and Marcus Fenix also return along with newcomer Fahz Chutani. They help Kait uncover the truth about the Locust invaders and her family heritage.

Based on what we saw from Gears 5 at Microsoft’s E3 2018 panel, it looks like the game is making a bit of a shift from a strictly third-person cover shooter to more of a fast-paced, action-adventure shooter. The development team has indicated they want to provide a more open, free world for players featuring a wide variety of environments such as jungles, deserts, and frozen wastelands. They have also indicated we can expect some new changes to gameplay such as more speed-oriented, close combat options.

With an emotional new story and new gameplay innovations, Gears 5 looks to make some interesting changes on its previously successful formula. And with the dearth of Xbox exclusives, we have hopes that Gears 5 will drop with a bang. We don’t have an exact release date just yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the latest Gears of War title came out this holiday season.