Warframe Guide: How to farm for Mesa Prime

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Warframe’s ultimate gunslinger just got her Prime debut, which means we’re here to help you figure out where to farm for Mesa Prime blueprints.

Another Prime Access is finally upon us and that means players can either decide to fork over real money to get immediate access to the newest Prime Warframe, or patiently farm out relics that contain the blueprints.

This Prime Access brings us the ultimate gunslinger, Mesa Prime, which might just be the coolest looking Prime Warframe to date. Mesa Prime’s passive ability, which she shares with her standard variant, grants her +10% fire rate while dual wielding sidearms, +20% reload speed for one handed sidearms, and +50 health when a melee weapon is not equipped. Mesa is all about guns!

Warframe - Mesa Prime
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As is standard, Prime parts for Warframes and Weapons need to first be acquired from Relics, which can be farmed from specific missions. Since these relics have set drop percentages in set rotations, players can easily plan their farming locations accordingly, but we’re going to do you one better, and give you the lowdown on which missions will drop the relics you need.

Relics required

As usual, Mesa Prime will require four blueprints to complete, the Systems, Neuroptics, Chassis and then the Mesa Prime blueprint itself. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of relics that contain all of these blueprints, as well as the rarities of each blueprint which determines the drop rate when they’re cracked open.

Mesa Prime Blueprint: Neo Z2 Relics (Uncommon)

Prime Chassis Blueprint: Axi H4 Relics (Common)

Prime Systems Blueprint: Neo M2 Relics (Rare)

Prime Neuroptics Blueprint: Lith M3 Relics (Rare)

Relic farming locations

Now that you know which Relics you need to be looking for, we’ll list out the locations where to best farm them, their drop chance, as well as a recommendation for which one to farm for the quickest results.

Neo Z2 Relics: Void – Ukko 5.56% chance | Void – Oxomoco 5.56% chance | Sedna – Hydron 8.83% chance in rotation A.

Ukko gets the pick here since it’s a capture mission, and those can be done incredibly quickly, especially if running a fast frame such as Volt or Loki.

Axi H4 Relics: Pluto – Hieracon 12.5% chance in rotation C | Sedna – Hydron 19.13% in rotation C.

Since both relics can only be acquired from rotation C, this one will come down to preference. Hieracon is a Dark Sector excavation, which gives the added benefit of gaining extra resources as well as extra affinity, while Hydron is a popular defense mission used for power leveling your items, which means you’ll always have people to play with.

Neo M2 Relics: Void – Ukko 5.56% chance | Void – Oxomoco 5.56% chance | Sedna – Hydron 8.83% chance in rotation A.

Depending on whether you’ve chosen Ukko or Hydron to also farm Neo Z2 Relics, that will decide which mission you should be farming.

Lith M3 Relics: Void – Hepit 14.29% chance | Void – Teshub 14.29% chance

Hepit gets the edge over Teshub since it’s another capture mission and those are incredibly quick to finish. Like stated before, fast frames like Volt or Loki will be your best bet to finish these as quickly as possible.

Lastly, we recommend that you refine your void relics to Radiant when specifically trying to acquire the Systems and Neuroptics, since both of those are classified as Rare drops, and have the lowest chance of dropping from their respective relics. The Mesa Prime Blueprint is classified as Uncommon, which might benefit from being refined as well.

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The Summary

Neo Relics: Void – Ukko or Sedna – Hydron (A rotation)

Axi Relics: Pluto – Hieracon (C rotation) or Sedna – Hydron (C rotation)

Lith Relics: Void – Hepit