31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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Dead Space 3 Necromorph /

10. Dead Space Series – Necromorphs

Dead Space released ten years ago and gave us one of the most terrifying creatures of all; the necromorph. Necromorphs are an alien species created by a religious relic known as the Marker. The signals from this relic give rise to the necromorphs who can manipulate dead organic material into whatever they want. As you can imagine, this ability makes for some grotesque creations.

Necromorphs take many shapes which range from several body types like infants, newborns, and even dogs. These monsters can craft these body types into their own which make for some bloody enemies. Necromorphs like the tripod are created by several bodies woven together by their own flesh and blood. Remanents of abdomens and appendages can be seen hanging off most of these reshaped humans making them a nightmare of a sight.

Dead by Daylight – Huntress /

11. Dead by Daylight – Huntress

Dead by Daylight‘s main purpose is to throw unwilling people into an arena with a killer on the loose. This high intensity makes every killer scary, but none come close to the hatchet throwing Huntress. Also known as Anna, the Huntress can throw hatches at players wounding them severely. This ability makes her reach greater than other killers causing Anna to serve up some serious kills.

What makes Huntress the scariest is her lullaby. Unlike other killers who give off a heartbeat cue when they are nearby, Anna hums a lullaby from her past. The ambiance and tone of the game change completely when its heard. For a killer to be humming as they hack away at their victims is absolutely crazy. Anna is a hunter you do not want to mess with.