31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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The Hive
Destiny – The Hive /

8. Destiny Series – Hive

The first time players encounter the Hive in Destiny, it is pitch black, and the sound of screeches and clawing can be heard just out of reach of the light. This sets the tone for these barbaric bony creatures for the rest of the game. In the first installment, these creatures inhabited the depths of the moon which is the perfect resemblance of this species and their work for the Darkness.

Hive have several stages of life with their origins being similar to those of Earth insects. Their exoskeleton makes them look like human skeletons making them all the more horrifying. Several types such as the ogres, wizards, and knights serve to be formidable opponents along with their appearances giving a ghastly look.

Big Daddy
Bioshock – Big Daddy /

9. Bioshock – Big Daddies

Bioshock‘s world is one of the most fantastical game worlds ever, which the atmosphere has a large hand in. The underground setting makes the game darker and grittier with a steampunk influence. These influences give the Big Daddies a menacing look many would be too scared to get near. Big Daddies’ jobs are to protect Little Sisters who harvest ADAM from dead bodies.

Big Daddies classic look is a large rotating drill on one hand that can be used to crush you in an instant. Their loud moans and groans can be heard throughout Rapture’s facilities giving them a ghoulish sound. The loud stomping of their feet along with their moaning makes them an enemy one would normally not want to face if they had to.