31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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The Last of Us – Clickers /

4. The Last of Us – Clickers

In a world ravaged by a fungal infection, there is bound to be some nightmarish creations and clickers are no exception. Clickers are the third stage in the cordyceps brain infection. Their heads have been overgrown with fungal growth which has hindered them from seeing. With this handicap comes a new adaptation, which is similar to what bats perform: echolocation.

Clickers won’t attack unless provoked by sound. These creatures can be tricked by throwing bottles or creating distractions with sound to get around them. However, if found, the clicker will go into a thriving fit and pursue their prey. The creatures are strong and not easily taken down. The fungal growth has given them strength unlike humans so they will require several resources to take down.

The Spider
Hunt: Showdown – Spider /

5. Hunt: Showdown – The Spider

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown is full of grotesque and frightening monsters. The scariest of all, however, is one of the bounties, the spider. The spider is a large creature made of what seems like human flesh. When it reals back and screeches, you may be able to make out a fleshy human face between its fangs. When engaged, the creature will scurry around the barn or whatever building its curled up in.

Hunters will also need to be wary as it also spits poison which will hinder sight and deal some damage over time. The best way to deal damage is to use lanterns and lamps to catch the scurring creature on fire. The fire is its greatest weakness. Be careful not to be pounced on, or it will surely sink its fangs into your succulent flesh.