31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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Minecraft – Creeper /

2. Minecraft – Creepers

Along with the witch being an iconic enemy of a popular game, Minecraft‘s creeper is no different. Minecraft has a slew of creepy creatures that crawl out of their hiding holes at night, but none of them are as creepy or dangerous as the creeper itself. This pixelated green monster has much determination as the witch when it comes to making sure you are dead.

If you get too close to a creeper, it will make its way toward you. It will be sure to follow you until it loses you or completely explodes in your face. Once close enough, the not so nice enemy will explode in hopes of taking you with it. These explosions do an exceptional job at clearing areas such as parts of caves, terrain and possibly the house you just spent three hours on. Regardless, the creeper can be a formidable and daunting enemy to face.

The Flood
Halo – Flood /

3. Halo Series – The Flood

The Flood is one hell of a formidable species that is at the heart of the Halo series. This Gravemind-controlled species can adapt to harsh environments, take over any living organism and essentially take over the galaxy if allowed. The Flood also means “the dead” giving it the reputation it deserves. In the Halo universe, this parasitic organism killed off the Forerunners who constructed the halo rings around the galaxy to stop the spread of the evasive species.

Once this parasite gets ahold of a living organism, it will begin to mutate and take over its host. The Flood can possess the motor skills and even the memories of the organisms it takes over. There are several variants of the flood, each more menacing than the next. In the Halo universe, the Flood is known as the largest threat to life making it one of the scariest.