31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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The Forest – Virginia /

28. The Forest – Virginia

At first glance, The Forest looks like the run of the mill survival game with a few mutants dropped in, but when the story becomes to unravel, bigger and stronger mutants. One said bigger and stronger mutant types is the Virginia, which is unsettling to look at. This mutant can be found in several caves or just roaming around in the forest later on in the game. The creatures look to be of three female bodies fused, creating a spider-like concoction.

This mutant will make hissing noises similar to a snake when it is engaged. Normally, it will reel back and swing with two legs at the attacker to deal some damage. The humans used for the fusion are all female which is indicated by the front chests of the creatures along with the genitalia on the bottom. If players can kill the mutant along with any others, then they can harvest the skin which is capable of becoming strong armor.

Prey - Mimic
Prey – Mimic /

29. Prey – Mimic

Imagine you are sitting at your desk having a cup of coffee when all of a sudden your lamp turns into a dark shadowy creature. Prey’s mimic is one hell of a creature due to its behavior and abilities. Mimics are a variety of Typhon on the Talos I space station capable of shapeshifting into inanimate objects such as that lamp on your desk. When not imitating an object, they take the form similar to a crab. Don’t let these aliens touch you or you will surely pay.

If possible, mimics will wrap their tentacles around the neck of a person and ram one down their throat. This allows the mimic to consume the person quickly while also using their mass to create other mimics. It is possible for mimics to reach a second stage that allows them to transform into complex objects like turrets. Abilities like these could serve a greater challenge when dealing with several at one time.