31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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Alexander of Brennenburg
Amnesia – Alexander of Brennenburg /

26. Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Alexander of Brennenburg

Games are at their scariest when the player has no sense of security and are unable to fight back. This is the exact reason Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the scariest games of all time. Amnesia takes place in a castle filled with monstrosities you are unable to fight. You are required to run and hide from these things before moving on. Mechanics like these make the game unnerving, but when you begin to uncover the origin of the creatures in the castle, it gets worse.

The castle is owned by Alexander of Brennenburg who has exceptional knowledge in science and magic which has brought his creations to life. Alexander is the main protagonist in Amnesia making him the reason all of the events occur. His extreme intelligence originates from the place he is from, which is not Earth. Alexander’s home is significantly more advanced than ours causing him to go through the trouble of the events in Amnesia.

His high intelligence and army of monsters make him one person I never want to encounter.

Dying Light – Volatile /

27. Dying Light – Volatile

Dying Light‘s parkour system is one of the best in years, but what makes painstakingly terrible is when you are running from volatiles. These creatures are faster, bigger and deadlier than any other variant in the game. What makes them even more unnerving is that they only come out at night. Once you are seen, these deadly creatures will begin their pursuit. They are fast and capable of climbing buildings so you won’t get away that easy. Its also going to take a lot to take just one down so your best bet is to run to the nearest safe house.

Volatiles are muscular and bony at first glance. Areas of bone and internal muscle can be seen in several areas of their bodies. Many times, the once human bottom jaw is split in half to create a larger mouth. This allows them to spit acidic phlegm at their prey along with taking more in when eating. Their only weakness is ultraviolet lights but can be taken down quickly with high powered weapons such as shotguns and machetes.