31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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Red Chomper
Darkwood – Red Chomper /

24. Darkwood – Red Chomper

Darkwood is a top-down survival horror game that features several types of creatures, but none of them are menacing as the red chomper. These creatures roam the dark forests of Darkwood in areas such as the old woods and the swamp. These monsters are very fast and will take several hits before killed. Shotguns are the best weapon against them as they will take down the chomper in one shot. The hunting rifle and pistol do lesser damage requiring more shots to kill it.

Chompers are humans who have gone through the final stage of the plague which has caused the events in Darkwood. The humans head has split in half with the tear reaching their chest. This gaping hole is then lined with teeth which are used for a mouth. The transformation process seems to upgrade the person to a killing machine that is hell-bent on eating anything that comes near.

The Baker Family
Resident Evil 7 – The Baker Family /

25. Resident Evil VII Biohazard – The Baker Family

Resident Evil VII took a different approach from past games and introduced players to the Baker family. Before the infection, the Bakers were a normal family helping out their neighbors when they could in the rural area of Louisiana. Then, when a ship crashes on the shore near the Baker’s house, they bring in two survivors, one of which is no longer human. The girl holds a mold that will turn them into sadistic killers and cannibals.

The best part of Resident Evil VII is the family dinner with the Bakers. This scene encompasses everything horrifying they have done for the past three years since their infection. As you are strapped to a chair, Lucas, Jack, and Marguerite try to have a nice family meal. The fact that the table is covered in human organs and flesh makes the scene hard to stomach. It gets worse when Jack tries to feed you a human ear.