31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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Richard Trager
Outlast – Richard Trager /

22. Outlast – Richard Trager

One of my most horrifying memories of the first outlast game is when the reporter’s fingers are cut off by the lovely man known as Richard Trager. That scene itself is cringy, brutal, terrifying, crazy and outright mad. The characters in Outlast are all over the place concerning their scariness factors, but none more than Trager himself. His attire, what he does to you and his voice culminate into what is one of the most horrifying moments in playing Outlast.

Trager is one of the main antagonists of the first Outlast game who performs experiments on patients in order to learn more about human biology. Trager is one of the few people in the asylum who still has a concept of reality regardless of how crazy he might seem. Trager is lanky, and his skin sits right on top of the bony skeleton structure below without any muscle getting in the way. When we meet Trager in the game, he arms himself with a very large set of scissors capable of cutting off fingers.

The Taken
Alan Wake – The Taken /

23. Alan Wake Series – The Taken

The world of Alan Wake is a literal dark world as shadowy figures known as The Taken try to stop the main protagonist in his mission. The Taken range from humans to animals that have been consumed by the dark presence that Alan Wake is trying to stop. These beings who have been taken by the darkness are mindless and do what the darkness wishes. They are always shrouded in a silhouette of darkness making them a spine-chilling sight.

The Taken are constantly covered in the shroud of darkness which acts as a shield. This makes them invulnerable to attacks such as melee attacks and gunfire. To remove the shield, they must be hit with light. Strong light sources can instantly kill these ghost-like creatures, but most of the time the light source will only remove the dark shield around them. In any case, once the shield is gone, you can dispatch of the mindless thing beneath it.