31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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We Happy Few – Bobbies /

20. We Happy Few – Bobbies

We Happy Few is a game full of happy people that are ready to kill you if you’re not anywhere near their happy level. Those who enforce this rule and make sure you are drugged up on joy are the bobbies. Bobby is the British term for a police officer, but these officers are a bit scarier. These enemies can be found throughout the game patrolling streets, guarding stores, and just chatting with local happy people. If they do engage in combat, then you will surely be met with a baton and full force.

Unlike real police officers, bobbies wear a mask with a constant smile etched into it. This alone makes these guys standoff. The last thing anyone wants is a smiling masked figure greeting them on the street. Bobbies will surely be provoked if you commit a crime but can be bribed with whiskey. As long as your joy level is high enough, they will take the whiskey without worrying about what you’re doing.

Pyramid Head
Silent Hill – Pyramid Head /

21. Silent Hill Series – Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head was first introduced in Silent Hill 2 who now has a large popularity among fans. This enemy is the most iconic from the series, but also the most terrifying. The creator of Pyramid Head, Masahiro Ito, wanted a masked creature, so it was less human-like causing it to be more disturbing. He was successful and in doing so created one of the most creepy and scariest monsters known in the video game world.

Pyramid Head is a very violent monster who is seen as an executioner of sorts. They are to punish those who sin including other beings from Silent Hill. Humans are not their only target as they have punished others in Silent Hill 2. These menacing creatures hold an intimidating appearance with a bare chest, a sword dragging behind them, and a pyramid on top of their body. These creatures are truly terrifying regardless of who they are punishing.