31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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The Witch
Left 4 Dead – The Witch /

The spooky season is upon us, and there is no better way to celebrate than to acknowledge the scariest monsters and enemies in video games.

Halloween is within our grasp, making it the perfect time for scary movies, haunted hayrides and scary video games. However, horror games are not the only genre of video games that provide the scariest type of enemy. Shooters, action-adventure, open-world RPGs and other genres have touched based with horror themes.

Several of those themes are injected into their enemies which will provide the player with a lost sense of security making the best time for a scare. Video games consistently provide enemies and monstrosities many people would be too terrified to face. Whether they are Russian terrorists or shape-shifting aliens, the following list will make you glad these enemies are not real.

1. Left 4 Dead – The Witch

Left 4 Dead‘s most arguably iconic zombie variant is the witch. Her deceptive nature makes her a terrifying creature to encounter. Found sprinkled throughout several levels within the Left 4 Dead games, the witch will be heard before she is found. Her loud crying and moaning can be heard well before players will find her. Once found, you will see what looks to be a young girl curled up on the ground crying.

It isn’t until a flashlight is shined on her or you get close enough when she shows her true intentions. She will then begin to let out a blood-curdling scream and goes for the one who disturbed her. The witch’s lanky and lifeless body will bolt towards the player with lightning fast movement. If she catches you, and chances are she will, she will continue to claw away at your abdomen to get to your scrumptious insides.

Your teammates will need to shoot her off of you before she ultimately kills you. This enemy type in the Left 4 Dead series is by far the scariest. Her yellow eyes and pale skin make her sight all the more dreadful.