Shadow of the Tomb Raider guide: The best skills and equipment

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider
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Scavengers Stay Alive

The Scavenger’s area of the skill tree helps Lara in exploration, stealth and gathering resources. Many skills in this section pair very well with others in the warrior and seeker categories. One such perk is Caiman’s Heart, which will start health regeneration faster. The warrior skills previously discussed will benefit from this ability so they are not used so often.

Those who are not planning to exit stealth will need Boa’s Coil and Serpent’s Strike for their endeavors: Boa’s Coil will automatically loot an enemy’s corpse when stealth killed, while Serpent’s Strike will allow players to perform a stealth takedown without alerting nearby enemies. These work really well together because you can stealth kill enemies and do it efficiently. Having to backtrack through areas to loot corpses can be a pain so these two skills help in that regard.

When needing to stay under the water longer, players can look to Caiman’s Breath. This skill increases the breath capacity when swimming underwater. This base ability is crucial to get before the late game because later underwater areas have fewer air pockets. The second tier of Caiman’s Breath is available later on in the game allowing both to stack.

One ability that works really well with another categories’ skill is Anole’s Needle. Anole will make Vestige outfits require fewer resources to craft. The ability Eagle’s Grasp pairs well with Anole’s Needle. Most Vestige outfits require rare pelts so being able to find those and needing less will save time.