7 battle royale games not named Fortnite you should try

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7. Hunt Showdown

The developers behind the hit series Crysis have taken on the battle royale genre with a player versus player versus environment emphasis. Taking place in the 1800s, players will take control of a hunter who focuses on the supernatural.

Hunters can choose from a bounty, which is a creature of some kind. The two current creatures in the game are a giant spider and a butcher whose head is a severed pig. These creatures need to be tracked down via clues scattered across the map, killed, banished to hell and then extracted to receive the full amount of experience and money.

This process is a lengthy one but is longer when you add enemy players going for the same bounty and numerous NPC types across the map. It gets tougher when you add the mechanic of permadeath too. Everything you take into the game with you (guns, med kits, grenades, etc.) could potentially be lost. If you die while hunting for the bounty, then you will lose all equipment that you brought into the match. This can be brutal because it costs money to hire hunters and buy weapons and equipment. If you run out of money then you are still able to hire hunters, but they are less equipped for the job.

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Crytek released the game on Steam early access earlier this year after a closed alpha. They continue to update it with bug fixes and content updates.  If you are looking for a battle royale game that has the least amount of similarities to Fortnite or PUBG then Hunt: Showdown is for you.

You can become your own supernatural hunter for $29.99. Again, it’s another hefty price tag, but Hunt: Showdown seems to have mostly positive reviews.