7 battle royale games not named Fortnite you should try

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6. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Continuing the April Fools’ Day jokes, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds hits it on the nose as well. Landfall has created a very goofy battle royale game that makes fun of the genre that Fortnite and PUBG strive to perfect.

Within TAB, the map is large with all sorts of weird locations like houses piled on top of each other. These sort of outlandish designs are what make Totally Accurate Battlegrounds fun to explore and fight in.

Weapons, which are scattered about in odd places, range from pistols to crossbows and other battle royale standards. Loot spawn locations are all over the place and seem to be completely random. Ammo and guns are normally found separate causing players to run around all over the place frantically. Luckily, everyone starts out with a knife so you have some kind of defense.

As a whole, TAB has all kinds of benefits going forward it. Most of the time bugs and lag are annoying, but for TAB it makes the game enjoyable. Even the game is completely self-aware, with the description teasing: “A bunch of physics-based weirdos fight it out on an island, everything is silly and possibly a bit buggy.”

When developers lean into the concept of a buggy, goofy game then it can really pay off which is exactly what Totally Accurate Battlegrounds does. You can download TAB on Steam. Originally released for free for the first 100 hours, the game now costs $4.99 in order to support server costs and things of that nature.