7 battle royale games not named Fortnite you should try

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2. H1Z1: Battle Royale

The road to H1Z1 was certainly an interesting one as the game didn’t always exist as a battle royale. Originally released as a zombie-survival game with PVP elements, H1Z1 was split into two games in early 2016 and then again further split in October 2017. The result was eventually the game we know today just as H1Z1, which is considered one of the original battle royale games.

Following its rocky patch to release, H1Z1 has leaned into the genre more ever since the release of Fortnite and PUBG. This game definitely most closely resembles PUBG out of any of the others on this list.

Unlike PUBG though, H1Z1 receives a more constant flow of content and updates. Gameplay is similar in which players jump into the map, loot for weapons and gear, and then fight their way to the number one spot.

The main difference between H1Z1  and PUBG is its crafting system. Players are not only encouraged to gather guns but also crafting ingredients. Like the gear, these ingredients can be found across the map and used for a number of items. Traps and repair kits are just a few of the tools that might help you reach the top.

H1Z1 features many types of game modes within its battle royale mode such as its auto royale mode. Players will be unable to exit their vehicles; instead, they must collect powerups around the map to reach victory. This is a very different take on the standard genre and just may be what you are looking for. You can pick up H1Z1 on Steam or PS4 for free.