7 battle royale games not named Fortnite you should try

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If you are looking for a battle royale game that isn’t the popular Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds then one of these seven games could do the trick.

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Fortnite Fatigue?

With the growth of Fortnite and the battle royale genre as a whole, there are numerous developers creating games to compete. Many of these games have large player bases and are slowly growing with constant updates and fixes. You can find all of these games on the Steam client, while some can be found on select consoles. Each of these titles brings something different to the genre whether it may be monsters, survival aspects, or a colander.  Regardless of their differences, these eight games feature unique gameplay unlike the two big hitters: Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. If you are needing to get your battle royale fix and you are not in the mood for Fortnite or PUBG, then you may be able to get your fix with the following eight titles.

Realm Royale
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1. Realm Royale

The developers behind the games SMITE and Paladins have dipped their toe into the battle royale genre with Realm Royale. In this fantasy royale game, before each game, you will select a class from the five available: warrior, mage, assassin, engineer and hunter. Each class has specific abilities that can benefit the team or yourself at certain times.

Realm Royale is probably the closest game to Fortnite on this list in terms of art style and gameplay. However, it does not feature building but instead forging. Forges are scattered across the map in main settlements for all players to see on the main map. At the forges, players can craft armor or upgrade their abilities with shards. Shards are collected when you disenchant items you do not want to equip. Be careful when upgrading though, players can attack in the middle of the process and steal items they might be able to use.

In addition to these differences, mounts are a great way to get around the map fast. Everyone is equipped with these so have that in mind when playing. Lastly, you get a second chance once you have run out of health. You become a chicken that is able to waddle and hop around in hopes of a second chance. If you can stay alive as the chicken for 20 seconds then you will return to your normal self and be back in the fight. Its a fun and unique mechanic to the game.

Realm Royale is free to play on Steam early access right now and is currently in early access. You can sign up for their PlayStation and Xbox betas on their website.