SMITE basics: How to play Mid in Conquest

The middle lane in SMITE is a good way to get into the game. Let’s go over the basics of gods, builds, play-styles and strategies you’ll need to know.

Mid, by its name, is the role in the middle lane. Mids are usually mages but can often also be hunters, depending on the meta (what is good). Typically, the mid will be ability based and burst enemies down quickly.

This is one of the positions that encounters the most changes in meta during a season. Part of the reason is that mage is the largest category in SMITE combined with the majority of hunters. There are many gods to fit different play-styles.

The middle lane has many different builds just for mages. Builds can range from tanky (lots of health) to straight damage. Some of the most common builds are; tanky, cooldown, healing or lifesteal, attack speed, and damage.

The tanky build usually consists of Warlocks Staff which provides health, Book of the Dead which provides both mana and health so you can survive longer. The cooldown build has Chronos’ Pendant and Spear of Desolation so you can continually cast abilities. The healing build has Rod of Aesculapius which buffs your healing capabilities.

A lifesteal build is usually used with Bancroft’s Talon and Typhon’s Fang. Attack speed builds need the ring tree with Hastened Ring, Demonic Grip, and Telkhines Ring. The damage build may include Book of Thoth.

Most builds will have penetration for tanks like Obsidian Shard and, if needed anti-heal, Divine Ruin. These builds are focused on one aspect of a character. Shoes of the Magi will be the most commonly found boots in the lane along with Rod of Tahuti and Soul Reaver for other common items. Even though Warlocks Staff is used for tanky builds, it is also often found as a damage item; the health is just a bonus.

Both the god pick and the build can lead to certain play-styles. Mages can be tanky, lending themselves to a tankier build. Gods like Anubis favor lifesteal because of his passive.

Sol is usually considered to be a “magical hunter.” Because she is basic attack-based, she can make use of lifesteal and attack speed. No matter what your play-style is, there is a mage for you, and this is the only class that can provide that.

Mid, however, is one of the most boring positions in the way of strategies. There are really only two viable starts (how you start a game off). One is joining the jungler in clearing their speed by using an ability and moving quickly into lane. In this start, you want to stand by the corner closest to the lane.

All you do is use whatever your best ability for clear is then start moving and hope that you get the experience from an assist on the camp so you can reach level two after the first wave. The other common start is just clearing wave before anything else.

The mid has a very important role on the team, placing wards. Wards provide sight on an area around the ward. It is very important to keep the vision up so your team knows when the enemy jungle is passing through to the other side of jungle. Mid can be a dangerous place because you can be ganked (ambushed) from both sides. You need to place some of the most important wards on the map.

The role of the mid lane is to burst down the enemy. Most mages apply themselves to this role and are some of the main damage dealers on the team. The difference between the carry and mid is that the mid is often fighting. Carries usually just sit and farm after the support rotates to the mid lane. It is also up to you whether the carry or mid ends up with the damage buff.

Mid is one of the most important roles in SMITE, but it is also relatively easy to learn. Part of this comes from the wide god pool and availability of different ways to play. However, this role can get boring, especially at lower levels because the support often doesn’t rotate and it becomes a farming war.

This was for those who are either new to the role or game. Often times, the best way to learn how to maximize farm and ways to do things is by watching the SMITE Pro League or pro players via stream or YouTube.