25 of the most detailed video games of this generation

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

One of the most admirable fictional worlds is quite possibly that of Deus Ex. The world within Deus Ex was carefully crafted to display the narrative surrounding human and cybernetic augmentation, the team has gone above and beyond to make the world within the game a living and breathing entity. Every inch of it comes to life to let players know about the struggles within it, struggles caused by an apartheid between augmented humans and non-augmented humans.

Many of the game’s unique designs don’t just come from the various augmented people players will see within the game. Rather, many of the designs within the game help bring it to life, while its blend of futuristic and post-modern architecture stand out as architectural marvels. Toss in the use of realistic settings and characters that seem more human than most and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided easily becomes a visual eye candy for players to enjoy.

If you can appreciate the design choices made, ones where humans and augs live side by side, giving us a glimpse of a plausible future as biomedical research continues on and the idea of cybernetic enhancement coming to life, you’ll find a lot to enjoy within this game.