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Resident Evil VII: biohazard

Since the establishment of the Resident Evil franchise, Capcom has been hard at work finding every way possible to scare their fans. While Resident Evil games have certainly given us a lot of zombies to kill, bioweapons to fear, and questions regarding what medical practices are safe or not, Resident Evil VII: biohazard set the bar for what horror games should expect to be. Luckily for Capcom, the change from a third-person horror/action game worked well in their favor thanks to the use of photorealism and a new perspective.

As a departure from the third-person view, Resident Evil VII: biohazard is a very different experience from its predecessors. While the game itself is one of the strongest the series has seen in many years, this latest entry is by far one of the most gruesome ones to date, one easily compared to the likes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the Rob Zombie film House of a Thousand Corpses. But much of the game is brought to life through its gruesome imagery, one where human bodies are torn apart, limbs are removed and creatures themselves are more disgusting than any previously encountered within the series.

Add in the use of old dilapidated shacks, claustrophobic cave systems, and extremely tight basements and you have a reason to send shivers running down the spines of your fans. While exploring the Baker Plantation, the area of play is certainly as scary as it sounds. Now just imagine putting on a VR headset, glancing about and having one of these photorealistic baddies jumping in your face, because it’s bound to happen.

With all of that said and done, Resident Evil VII: biohazard is amazing to experience and enjoy. If you’re a fan of horror and you’ve been skipping out on it, now’s the time to give Resident Evil VII: biohazard a chance.