25 of the most detailed video games of this generation

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Star Citizen

Despite its focus on being an online space simulator meets MMO, Star Citizen is absolutely breathtaking. As Cloud Imperium has been steadily releasing content, fixing bugs and adding modules to their game, Star Citizen has become one of the best-looking space exploration games out there. Toss in the fact the game is beginning to see fully interactive planets and NPC communities, and players have a lot to appreciate from one of Kickstarter’s biggest success stories in its history.

The only downside to this game and its beautiful graphics come from the game’s system requirements. Along with its graphics comes the requirement of having a rather beefy computer, one that can handle Star Citizen in its current state. Now with a single-player game planned, Star Citizen has had its work cut out for it, but has somehow managed to surpass many expectations that players may have.

Just like games such as Elite Dangerous or No Man’s SkyStar Citizen is a game sprawling with uniquely designed planets, each having their own lands to explore. With city hubs and improvements to existing content constantly being released, players have a lot to look forward to when they aren’t moving things about their ships or exploring the worlds about them.

While the game itself is continually under development, many will have their eyes set on what the future of this game will be and if it can continue to live up to being one of the best looking games we can get our hands on.