25 of the most detailed video games of this generation

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Credits: Guerrilla Games
Credits: Guerrilla Games /

Horizon Zero Dawn

Released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 by Guerrilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn is an amazingly well-crafted game which sees players moving across the ruins of a fallen civilization. In it, players take the role of Aloy, an orphan-turned-huntress with a will made of iron.

Through her adventures, players will get to see some of the best looking character models possible whether it’s humans or animal-like robots. Even while exploring its early segments, Horizon Zero Dawn is a sight to behold as fireflies dance around blades of grass in their own unique patterns. Each animal-like machine comes with their own intricate designs, each carrying their own varying degrees of detail from one another.

Whether it’s the small grazers and their slender yet durable frames or the gargantuan Thunderjaws, every bit of detail comes to life, each bringing with them an entirely new experience. But the same can be said for every inch of the lands within the game. Every one of them comes with their own unique designs, each offering varied different degrees of the cultures they identify with. Some resemble the busy streets of hard-working smithies and engineers while others resemble the villages of native tribes around the world. Toss in a few relics of a now extinct civilization and you have something unique, something entirely new.

Take into account this game with such details was developed with the sole intention of being a console game and it may cause you to give it a double-take as it stands side-by-side some of the best looking games on the market, many of which have released exclusively on PC.