25 of the most detailed video games of this generation

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Battlefield 1

Let’s be honest: We all knew that this list wouldn’t be complete without a Battlefield game. Hot on the list is the World War I-focused title Battlefield I, which sees players take part in different parts of the war as Russian, German, American, and Italian soldiers. However, it’s not those very elements that bring this game to life, but the amount of detail that has been put into every inch of the game itself.

From photo-realistic characters to the fine details of mud splatters upon a character’s rifle as you play or the rain running down the lens of your scope while players lie in wait for a target. Not only have these small details been phenomenally well done, Battlefield 1 is by far the best looking game DICE has released in recent years. Throughout the game, everything comes off as good as one could imagine.

Characters are easily relatable just as intended. Every level players will explore are equally as detailed, some even more astonishing than others. Maps such as St. Quentin Scar show just how drastic the war became, changing from a muddy trench-themed battlefield to the remains of a village that sits not far away from the start of the ongoing battle. It’s a place where it seems that one could equate one side to life and the other death, a metaphorical approach to how valuable human life really is.

Don’t believe me? You should check out the video above just to get an idea of how well done this game actually is and how far the digital artists have gone to make this game look as if you are taking part in the war itself.