25 of the most detailed video games of this generation

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Monster Hunter: World

Since its launch, Monster Hunter: World has been applauded as one of the best in the franchise and has even become critically acclaimed for its unique features, graphical prowess, and artistic nature. Monster Hunter: World is one of the best games out there in both graphical and gameplay-based designs. While the franchise is well-known for its artistic nature, Monster Hunter: World has made some serious strides to separate it from the rest of the franchise and seems as if the team is starting anew with this title. It is a fully organic experience and the world within it is extremely well designed, but there’s something that stands out more than the rest.

What is that very piece that stands out the most? Weapon and armor designs. When crafting gear made around the designs of each creature they hunt, players will take notice of the influences used in order to bring everything together. If players were to craft a set of armor from Rathian, they may notice small pieces here or there, and even see scales, claws, or talons implemented within their designs.

Same goes for weapons, where players will notice pieces of the monster itself intricately melded into the weapons design. While many games do this, Monster Hunter: World sets itself apart by making players know that their hunts didn’t go to waste. While the creatures, weapons, armor, and the locales within the game are beautifully designed, every scale on the dragon-like creatures could easily be counted one by one. Toss in the rather well-designed locales within the mix and you have an artistic masterpiece sitting right in front of you for you to enjoy.