25 of the most detailed video games of this generation

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Final Fantasy XV

Over the years, Square Enix has done an astounding job at delivering some of the best video games on the market. Among them comes Final Fantasy XV, which has arguably become one of the best looking games within the franchise since its inception in 1987. While movies such as Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive have definitely shown what Square Enix is capable of, Final Fantasy XV takes it to all new heights by offering players a living and breathing world to explore.

Since the PlayStation 3 era, we’ve seen a noticeable jump in the franchise’s graphics. Final Fantasy XIII ushered in some of the best-looking graphics the franchise has ever seen. It was a testament to the capabilities of the hardware at the time, allowing players to enjoy a game that looked both like a cinematic and interactive title all in a single package. Fast forward nearly seven years later and you have a title that followed suit, taking advantage of the hardware it was developed for and offering one of the best looking titles within the franchise itself.

Characters, monsters, and the lands they explore feel natural and organic. Everything feels as if it was pulled from a CGI film and placed onto the screen for players to explore. Sprinkle in the fact that every single character model is highly detailed and you might actually have your mind blown by the level of detail the game itself has. Just don’t forget, the creatures that you’ll encounter are equally as impressive and come off as some of the best-designed features in the game.

While Final Fantasy XV is one of the most graphically impressive games within the franchise, it can still be rivaled by series predecessor Final Fantasy XIII by those who have the game on PC. But with that aside, if you want a world to enjoy, some well-designed character models, and extremely flashy spells, then Final Fantasy XV is right up your alley. Just don’t forget that Prompto is obsessed with Chocobos.