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Escape from Tarkov

Whether you’ve played it or not, Escape from Tarkov by St. Petersburg-based studio Battlestate Games has been hard at work designing a PvP focused semi-open world first-person shooter that could easily be compared to Bluehole’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. While both have their own unique approach to gameplay mechanics, graphics, and one being a battle royale game while the other is not, Escape From Tarkov is a graphically compelling game that is brought to life by its use of beyond realistic graphics, animations, and gameplay mechanics.

Unlike PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Battlestate Games’ title is much more unforgiving and much more realistic both graphically and gameplay wise. Escape From Tarkov is a lot more unforgiving than most games within the FPS genre; it’s a game that will have your heart racing when the sound of gunshots in the distance is heard and it’s one that will make you slow down as you sneak about, knowing that when you die, you don’t just lose your resources you scavenged during that match, you lose everything. You lose your ammo, your weapons, and even your food and water that you have managed to buy.

While many of its settings are reminiscent of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’, the graphics here could easily be compared to the realistic approach that EA’s Battlefield franchise. If you’ve got one heck of a computer, a few extra bucks, and don’t mind an Early Access title, then Escape from Tarkov is a graphical marvel and one that’s hard not to appreciate. The only difference here is that Tarkov will make your heart beat, your pulse pound in your eyes, and your anxiety levels rise as the thought of other players being nearby races through your head.

If that’s your kind of game, then Escape for Tarkov is worth looking into, but do note that this game is currently in closed alpha and still has a lot of work left to be done before it goes into closed beta.