25 of the most detailed video games of this generation

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Until Dawn

Since the days of the PlayStation 3, developers such as Remedy Games and Quantic Dream have strived to deliver some of the best interactive movies possible. Games such as Heavy RainAllen Wake, and Beyond Two Souls have become significant titles for one such genre.

While titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Call of Duty: Ghosts put the PlayStation 4’s power on display Until Dawn by SuperMassive Games was one of the few games to truly show the raw power of next-generation games. Much as expected, Until Dawn is one such game that helps show the raw power of this generation’s graphics engines.

Until Dawn, which is mostly played out through a series of quick time events and minimalistic players guiding the characters, Until Dawn is a visual masterpiece. Its characters, settings, and realistic looking character models are some of the best you may ever see in the modern day. Actors such as Rami Malek, Hayden Panettiere, and Brett Dalton stand out just as one would expect when their digital selves come to life.

As a psychological thriller title Until Dawn delivers one of the best interactive experiences possible to home consoles. While there are certainly games that could quite easily match it or surpass Until Dawn where graphics are concerned, it still can be said that it’s an impressive feat to deliver the experience it does. Just remember, this is a psychological thriller, and you may want to make sure you wear your brown pants if you haven’t played it already.