25 of the most detailed video games of this generation

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Gears of War 4

Since the launch of the Gears of War franchise on the Xbox 360, the series has been well known for its unique locales, character designs, and rather impressive graphics. Fast forward almost thirteen years later and not much has changed on that front.

As a part of their goal to keep their series alive and continually improving, Microsoft Studios has been hard at work improving upon graphics, gameplay, and the overall story. Unlike past titles, Gears of War 4 is a continued demonstration of this dedication. Its newly crafted foes, the Swarm, are unique, grotesque, and something that seems as if they are straight out of a horror film.

Even character models for characters such as JB and Marcus Phoenix are stand-out nods, ones seemingly modeled after real people, each coming with their own unique physical traits we’ve never before seen within the Gears of War franchise. Just like the game’s character models for player characters, NPCs also stand out on their own, each having their own unique appearances from one another.

Toss in the uniquely designed set pieces, each locale from the game is as intricately designed as they are, and you have one of the best looking Gears of War titles sitting right before you. While there’s no doubt that other games within the franchise that will surpass what this game has accomplished, it can’t go without saying that it’s impossible nor is it hard to admire what The Coalition has accomplished with their latest title.