18 RPGs we can’t wait to play in 2018

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#15. The Longest Five Minutes (Nintendo Switch, PC)

You can always count on NIS to give us some truly weird games pretty much every year. They are most known for publishing the Danganronpa and Disgaea series, which are plenty weird in their own right in fantastic ways. But they also often bring us weird little games with some interesting hooks that might really appeal to those looking for something that’s an RPG, but not quite like any other RPG you’ve played.

The Longest Five Minutes starts with you and your party of adventurers already at the final boss. You’ve made it, this is the penultimate battle! But oh no, somehow you’ve lost all your memories at this crucial battle! Can you remember them in time to get it together and beat the boss?

While this might just sound like a story-framing device, it does actually come into gameplay as well. How you remember your experiences up to the final battle can affect your level at that battle, the makeup of your party and more. If this game really plays around with memory in some interesting ways, it could be a pretty solid sleeper hit. The Longest Five Minutes will be out February 13th for Nintendo Switch and PC.