18 RPGs we can’t wait to play in 2018

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#17. Fire Emblem Game for Nintendo Switch

Much like the previous entry, a game in the Fire Emblem series has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. But that’s all we have heard. I mean, it’s a Fire Emblem game. You know roughly what to expect from those. Tense, turn-based strategy battles with well-developed rock-paper-scissor mechanics combined with weird waifu mating to make offspring that magically travel back in time as adults to join your party.

While Fire Emblem isn’t a top-tier Nintendo franchise like Mario or Zelda, it’s a super dependable one right up there with the likes of Kirby and Yoshi games. They know their strengths and deliver that nice hit of exactly what you expect from them whenever there’s a new one.

With Nintendo getting out a new Mario and Zelda that were game of the year contenders in 2017, they are going to need plenty of their not-quite-as-high-profile, but still popular staples to maintain momentum in 2018. Fire Emblem will no doubt be one of those, it’s just a question of what time this year we’ll be playing it on the Nintendo Switch (Summer would be my guess). But it will definitely eat up dozens of hours as your slay monsters in tense battles and pair up your soldiers in order to produce powerful offspring.