10 game franchises that would make great Battle Royale games

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5. Splatoon | Nintendo

There’s no doubt that Splatoon 2 is by far one of the most fun online games on the market. It’s chic; it’s hot and quite frankly, it’s a blast. Luckily for Nintendo, this also means they have room to grow the franchise and do so in a unique fashion. While Splatoon games are certainly about land control and inking everything to look like a splatter painting, the games also have a lot of strategies involved in their core mechanics.

Because of how big their maps can be, how creative they are and the verticality within them; Splatoon would make a solid Battle Royale title. Thanks to already having a wide array of weapons in them, fans could easily take on gaining skills, abilities, and ultimately learning how to control the map in a survival-type mode. Unfortunately, Nintendo would have to do a lot of work to make this happen since their already established mode only allows for 4v4 and would have to be increased for this mode to succeed.

This does mean there could be some performance drawbacks on the Nintendo Switch that the company would have to circumvent at some point, but nevertheless, this doesn’t eliminate Splatoon from being a potential Battle Royale candidate.