10 game franchises that would make great Battle Royale games

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7. Metal Gear Online | Konami

Even without Hideo Kojima behind the wheel of the franchise, Konami has decided it’s time to move on and begin a new legacy with Metal Gear Online. Their upcoming title Metal Gear Survive is evidence of their drive to keep the series alive. But sadly, it won’t have that infamous Hideo Kojima flair the entire franchise has had for quite some time. Luckily, Metal Gear Online is an absolute blast for fans of online tactical shooters that like to show just how good they are.

That’s where a Metal Gear Online: Battle Royale could come into play in the future. The online component is well known for its articulated approach to combat and invested interest of fans. While Konami hasn’t made any statements regarding a Battle Royale game, there are no doubts about the fact that fans would love a game like this. How would it play? Just as you would expect. You’re dropped in, stripped of gear, wearing only a sneak suit and armed with a knife. Stealth will be your best friend as you scout for Metal Gear-themed weapons, gear, and support items. The flora and fauna might even fight back while players try to survive and win.